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Choosing a photographer for your wedding is not an easy task bearing in mind it will be the lasting record of all the hard the work you and your family put into making it such a special day.

Amongst this whirlwind of decisions and choices it is important to remember it is a celebration of your love, and the interaction of the people you chose to share the day with. And that also applies to the photographer you choose. The reason we want to give 100% to our couples is that we are excited to be a part of their day.

Our unobtrusive and intimate style combining classic and modern has proven extremely popular with couples. At a recent wedding we came across a fun fair. After speaking to Dan and Katherine it was decided that the wedding party would have a go on the bumper cars. Not only did the wedding guests have a great time they also loved the resulting pictures. (See pictures in gallery) On another occasion the wedding car broke down and the groom decided to carry his bride along the Thames in Richmond to the reception venue nearby. This unplanned event made their day unique and exciting, and provided us with a great photo opportunity. So don’t worry if things don’t go exactly to plan, we can adapt to the situation!

I normally shoot with another photographer so we can capture what goes on around the wedding, that knowing glance, that heartfelt hug or the face of someone laughing with uncontrollable joy.

With all bookings we also include a pre-wedding shoot in casual clothes normally 4–6 months before the wedding itself in order that you and your partner get used to being in front of a camera. It gives you a chance to let your hair down and have some fun and for us to try various angles and talk you through how to position your body for the most flattering look. Some couples use the resulting pictures for their invites or display them in their home, and a mounted picture, to be signed by all guests at the wedding, makes a great alternative to a traditional guest book. But the main reason we do it is that you are more relaxed on your big day. 

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