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Congratulations on your pending or new bundle of joy. Life is undoubtably very hectic for you right now, what with constant feeding and lack of sleep! I wish to create beautiful and timeless images of your family that will last a lifetime and will  hang on the walls of your home. We know how important it is to capture those moments that you will treasure forever.

Once your baby arrives we ideally aim to photograph within 10-21 days. You therefore need to plan ahead and make contact with us.

We appreciate babies can be early or late.

We advise booking ahead to ensure you have a confirmed date in the diary as newborn shoots can take between 2-3 and a half hours, so dad or your partner can come along too.

As your baby gets bigger, it is not so easy to position them into a safe and secure pose. They can also start to get milk spots and eczema so it is important to plan ahead to ensure that you get the best possible pictures. We want you to love our pictures.

Our studio is climate controlled to make sure that you baby is comfortable throughout the shoot. We have a wide range of unique props and backgrounds that we have purchased from around the world. We love taking pictures of babies.

Bump Sessions

Bump session are a great way to get to know us and we include them if you book a newborn session with us in advance-(we prefer to do bump shoots at around 36 weeks).


Preparing for a Newborn Session

We recommend that you keep your baby as awake as possible before you arrive. When you do arrive, please feed your baby at the studio . This will help your baby to sleep and settle during the session . We have a comfortable and private room available for the use of mums and babies. Don't worry about baby outfits as we have plenty of props such as hats and head bands (however if you have something particular that you would like to use , please feel free to bring it with you for example; a toy or blanket that grandma has knitted!)

Other things that you may like to bring with you: A nappy sack.

A cloth to wipe baby's mouth.

A dummy (if you choose to use one).

A baby's towel that has the mothers smell on it-this helps to settle baby.

Another outfit of clothes for mum and dad as we will not use a nappy for some shots.


Please don't worry that your baby may not settle, the reason we allow a lot of time for a newborn session is to ensure that your baby is relaxed and hopefully goes into a deep sleep. Even if this is not possible, we can still get some beautiful awake shots. In the unlikely event of you not loving the resulting pictures, we would of course refund you your sitting fee. 

What to wear

Bump Shoots: We have two beautiful maternity dresses at the studio for expectant mums to wear if they wish. They are black and white, and both are semi transparent so you may like to bring black, nude or white underwear with you to wear underneath. If you would like to to chat through your ideas for clothing in advance -please don't hesitate to ask , you are most welcome to call or visit before your appointment itself. We advise against tight clothing, things such as vest tops never fully cover your bump. Maxi dresses or loose baggy tops look great in a bump session.

Please bring anything with you that you would like to include in the shots. We love to include scans in the photographs so please bring one with you if you wish.

Newborn Shoots: For newborn shoots, neutral coloured outfits -for example whites, creams and beiges- can work really well. We always recommend that the parents be in the pictures with their newborn baby. We appreciate that you may not feel at your best but further down the line you will really cherish these pictures. Keep it simple in terms of outfits e.g dad in a black or white t-shirt (bare chest optional) and for mum, a strapless or thin strapped top. In terms of makeup, just imagine you are going on a night out! 


We always provide water but feel free to bring your own snacks. If you are not breastfeeding please bring an extra bottle or two as it can help to settle a baby during a session. In order to keep your baby happy, the studio is warm so wear layered clothing so that you can keep cool. Also consider bringing another set of clothes just in case of any little accidents.



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