Redpath Studios Photography Ltd: Blog en-us (C) Redpath Studios Photography Ltd (Redpath Studios Photography Ltd) Fri, 25 Mar 2016 09:42:00 GMT Fri, 25 Mar 2016 09:42:00 GMT Redpath Studios Photography Ltd: Blog 80 120 Get better fast: 5 portrait photography mistakes you really need to avoid If you’re a professional photographer, people don’t pay you to look bad in their portraits. But even if you’re just an amateur snapper, or a friend with a camera, you’ll quickly find out that there’s a certain skill in taking great portrait photos that see your subject in their best light.

So let’s take a look at 5 of the most common portrait mistakes, and explore the ways you can very easily improve your portrait photographs and really bring them to life.

Mistake #1: Forgetting about the background

If the background is too distracting, it’ll take away from the subject. So try to use neutral backgrounds that won’t steal focus from the person you’re photographing.

If you’ve achieved the right level of subject focus (which is what portrait photography is all about) the background should be blurred and out of focus.

Mistake #2: Using the on-board flash

The type of light that’s normally emitted from your camera’s built-in flash tends to be whiter than other flash types, and it very rarely produces good results in portrait photography.

So unless you red pupils and terrifying over-exposure in your shots, we advise you to steer clear from it if you can.  

Mistake #3: Not thinking about head height

Taking group portraiture where everyone’s the same height? If you don’t vary the subjects’ height, your photos will look unnatural and staged.

So bring some variety into your shots and break up the height line by having one or more of the subjects sit down, with the rest of the group behind them.

Mistake #4: Not thinking about height

Changing the height at which you take photos is a great way to improve your photos. Taking photos a little lower to the ground, or a little higher than eye level, adds a whole new dynamic to the shot.

Thinking about height is a great photographic technique that really gives your shots a life of their own.

Mistake #5: Not making your subjects feel comfortable!

If you don’t make the effort to help your subject feel comfortable while you’re taking the photos, it’s probable that the photos won’t be worth very much.

They’ll look very awkward, posed, and extremely uncomfortable. So make sure it doesn’t happen!

Get to know your subject. Speak to them, show them past examples of your work (or the work of others that you like if you don’t have a profile to show them) and talk over why you like them and why you think they work.

When a subject knows what you’re trying to achieve, the chances are they’ll feel more comfortable taking direction from you. And a comfortable, at-ease subject means relaxed and professional photos.


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Buckinghamshire Photographer Buckinghamshire Photographer /'10 Tips for Better Photography Part 1

I know a lot of my customers are good photographers in their own right so I thought I might start with 10 tips to get even better pictures I will add to it till I think of 50!! Could be a long time. I have written assuming you have a DSLR camera.

when it comes to getting the most from the shots you take, there are also loads of tried-and-tested techniques and shortcuts that you can use to guarantee the best results – from finding the perfect location and perfecting composition to getting focus right and nailing exposure.

And of course, no matter how much preparation and care you’ve taken when shooting, you’ll need to store, sort and edit the images you take. So we’ll also show you the best ways to cut down the time you spend at your computer.

Whether you like to shoot landscapes, portraits or sport, use these essential time-saving tips and shortcuts to streamline your workflow, improve your technique and edit your shots to perfection. And as always, I love 
to see any shots you’ve been inspired to take.

Before you shoot

01 Clean your sensor
Even with in-built cleaning system on most modern SLRs or compact system cameras, some dust will inevitably find its way onto your camera’s sensor, which takes time to remove from your images with photo-editing software.

Either cleaning your sensor carefully yourself  or getting it cleaned professionally is the only way to remove this dust. You shouldn’t do this too often, but it’s worth checking for sensor dust before you start shooting, especially if you’ve been changing lenses or shooting in windy conditions. Sensor-cleaning kits can be picked up quite cheaply; I like the ones made by Arctic Butterfly (

02 Keep it simple
While it’s handy to have the option of an extra lens or flashgun for those unexpected shots, it’s also easy to fall into the habit of carrying all of your kit every time you go out.

But unnecessary gear can become a burden, so before you set out, check whether there are any items, such as heavy zoom lenses, that you aren’t going to need. Remember, it’s often better to move closer to your subject rather than zooming right in from a distance with a big, unwieldy lens.

03 Format card/charge battery
There are few things more annoying than going to take a shot and finding that the card is full or the battery is flat. It’s all too easy to leave images on a memory card, and then forget whether you’ve transferred them to your computer or even worse delete them.

So get into the habit of ensuring all of your cards are downloaded and formatted as soon as possible after a shoot, and charge your batteries when you get home. It’s easy to take cards for granted, but they’re precious!

04 Clean your lenses/filters
The front element of your lens and filters can soon get covered in dust, dirt and even greasy fingerprints. 
This can cause flare or even affect the sharpness of your images, so it’s worth cleaning them before you go out. Use 
a blower to dislodge any dust or dirt, then use a lens-cleaning cloth to remove any stubborn marks

05  Try Picture Styles
Most recent cameras have preset Picture Styles (or Picture Controls) that can be useful for applying basic adjustments to your images in-camera, such as Portrait or Landscape. What’s more, many cameras also allow you to edit the saturation, sharpness and contrast settings to fine-tune the effect to suit your taste or style.

06 Minimise lens distortion
On Nikon cameras you have the option of automatically correcting lens distortion in-camera, while with Canon models you can correct for lens vignetting. These correction features are normally switched on in the set-up menu, although this will only be available if the lens on the camera is compatible with the automatic correction feature of your camera. Minimise distortions as you shoot, and you won’t have to fix your images post-shoot 

07 Auto-rotate your shots
In the set-up menu of most cameras you’ll find an option that enables you to automatically rotate images according to whether they are taken in horizontal or upright format. Turning this function on can save you loads of time rotating images once you’ve downloaded them to your computer later.

08 Check file format and size
For the best quality, you’d normally shoot most images at the highest resolution available, and save them in raw format or the highest quality JPEG setting. But remember that you don’t always need to use these settings for shots that you only want to use on-screen or print at small sizes. By choosing a smaller image size you can save space on your memory card, 
and time resizing your shots later.

09  Assign buttons
The function of most of the buttons on your camera will be set from the factory, but did you know that you can often customise the function of individual buttons, giving quick access to frequently-used settings and saving time wading through menus. I would recommend you go on a course. Canon use to run courses on specific cameras however there are some very good trainers out there.

10 My Menu settings
Many cameras allow you to customise the menu so that the most used or useful adjustments are quickly available in their own menu page. So if there are particular features, such as Picture Styles or in-camera effects, that you use regularly, load them all into the My Menu page.

Well that's it for the time being better get back to editing a wedding. I will add more soon. In the mean time subscribe to digital camera world which has some great technique articles on all aspects of photography.Remember practise , practise.

Keep clicking

All the best


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Dreamflights Drawing Competition DreamflightsEach year Dreamflight takes 192 children ages between 8-14 with a serious illness or disability on holiday of a lifetime to the theme parks of Orlando, Florida.

This month we have teamed up with two generous local restaurants to support a great local charity based in Amersham called Dreamflight. 

Each year Dreamflight takes 192 children ages between 8-14 days with a serious illness or disability on holiday to a lifetime to the theme parks of Orlando, Florida.

If you are thinking of having an Italian meal this month then make your way down to Old Amersham to Prezzo or Ask and enter into out family portrait drawing competition! 

We will donate £1 to this cause for every entry that is filled and your local restaurant will match this donation on your behalf. In addition, Redpath Studios will also donate 5% of anything that the winners might spend. 
Please support this worthy cause.

Good Luck!

If you would like to donate to give deserving children a holiday of a lifetime, click this link;


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September Emma's Diary Babies Emma's Diary Baby of the Month competition is a free, friendly Facebook competition. Our Mum's and Babies love it and it is also a lot of fun! It is open to any baby who visits our studio.  Emma's Diary Emma's Diary is a friendly Facebook competition that our Mum's love! Emma's Diary Emma's Diary is a friendly Facebook competition that our Mum's love! Emma's Diary Emma's Diary is a friendly Facebook competition that our Mum's love! Emma's Diary Emma's Diary is a friendly Facebook competition that our Mum's love! Emma's Diary Emma's Diary is a friendly Facebook competition that our Mum's love! Emma's Diary Emma's Diary is a friendly Facebook competition that our Mum's love! Emma's Diary Emma's Diary is a friendly Facebook competition that our Mum's love! Emma's Diary Emma's Diary is a friendly Facebook competition that our Mum's love! Emma's Diary Emma's Diary is a friendly Facebook competition that our Mum's love! Emma's Diary Emma's Diary is a friendly Facebook competition that our Mum's love!

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Outdoor Baby Shoot This gorgeous photo was taken seconds away from our studio. 

We have amazing indoor and outdoor locations, which create gorgeous photos for you to cherish for years to come. 

Outdoor shoot

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Wedding Pictures_2 Wedding Pictures_2Wedding Pictures_2 e="title"Wedding Pictures_2e="title"Wedding Pictures_2 Wedding Pictures_2Wedding Pictures_2

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Emma's Diary Baby of the Month

Emma's Diary Baby of the month competition is now live!
If you would like to vote, click on this link;

Tag your friends and share the post to be in more of a chance of winning the £100 Mothercare voucher.
If you would like your baby to be entered into this competition call the studio and get booked in for a session on; 01494 549 944...
If you are already an existing customer let us know and we will enter your little one next month.
Good luck to this months entries!


Redpath StudiosEmma's diary Baby of the Month competition Redpath StudiosEmma's Dairy

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When is it the best time to get a Professional Photograph of your Baby. Photographer Bucks

The first thing to decide is to do something, it's an incredible journey and you only have one chance to capture it. These pictures will last a lifetime and it's worth investing the time and money.

A lot of you will have a bad experience with baby photography because you assume its doesn't differ between photographers.

You'll end up in the back of a department store with someone who's had a weeks training, who doesn't have any passion and doesn't want to be there. You'll find yourself actually ending up spending the same amount of money but for really flat and uninspiring pictures.

Likewise not all photographers are good at photographing babies. You have to specialise in it. I photograph around 500 babies a year and I still think they are amazing. I have spent thousands of hours (and pounds) investing in myself to be the best baby photographer that I can be.

I meet so many parents who say they wished they had got round to it but kept delaying. Sadly, life can sometimes get in the way but if you are organised then the following maybe of help.

Never book a baby session towards the end of the day as it will be a disaster . A tired and hungry baby doesn't equal good pictures.

Generally babies tend to be happier in the mornings.

Photographer Herts

Again never book a photography session after injections baby may associate the bright lights with the doctor's surgery ! Also it can take some babies up to a week to settle back into their routine.

If your looking to get new born shots you need to be in contact with the photographer before the big event, bump shoots are great fun so you may want to consider doing that with your partner. It will also give you the chance to get to know and trust the photographer before your new baby arrives.

The ideal time in terms of getting great new born pictures is between 7- 11 days. Newborns tend  be most settled at this point with little or no skin complaints  and can be more easily positioned.

After 12 days, Newborns become less flexible so we would advise waiting until baby is 3 to 4 months .

At this point you will get smiles and hopefully some tummy shots.

My favourite age is when baby is between 6-7 months. (Again you want baby to be able to sit unaided)

Its also a great time for a family shot as well.

Finally another great opportunity is when your baby is about to start walking. Normally this is when they start doing 'the sofa shuffle' as I describe it. Often you can get lovely pictures of them holding a chair or inside a wooden box.

Once they start walking it's extremely tricky to get a beautiful shot even for me and I do it every day.

I hope that these few simple pointers will enhance your experience, should you choose to opt for a professional photographer to capture those treasured moments of early life.




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Newborn Photography For Babies in Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire Newborn Photographer Bucks, Newborn Photographer Herts

Newborn Photographer BucksNewborn Photographer Bucks

Capturing a newborn babies first professional photo can create some truly stunning shots and capture some special memories of the tiny new addition. At Redpath Studios we love newborn sessions and believe with good planning the results can be even better. Here is a quick guide / FAQ for parents thinking about booking a Redpath Studios Newborn Session.

When should I book my newborn portrait session?

The very best time to photograph a newborn is nice and early when they are around 3 – 7 days old. While the idea of being out and about with your new baby may seem daunting, Redpath Studios creates a safe and comfortable environment for both baby and parents. During this early time the baby is very flexible and able to curl up to create some beautiful poses. They also sleep very deeply meaning you can position the baby into some stunning sleepy baby scenes without the baby getting upset. After around 2 weeks these newborn style poses can get very difficult and often not at all possible so it is very important you book in right away.

It is a good idea to book a provisional session in for around the due date. Of course you can never predict exactly when the baby will arrive so put Redpath Studios on your call list for as soon as the baby arrives and we can book in a confirmed session. Some parents even call us from the hospital room to really make sure they get them lovely early baby shots.

How long will a session last?

A newborn session takes a minimum of 2 hours and at Redpath Studios we actually book out 3 – 4 hour slots to make sure we are never rushed.

Babies are unpredictable and extra time may be needed for feeding, changing and posing. Patients is the key here and if the baby is with us during the early period they will always settle and pose in the end no matter how long it takes. It is important to note that Redpath Studios is a 100% breast feeding friendly zone and you are welcome to feed your baby at anytime in anyway. If you would prefer some privacy just ask and the photographer will be happy to leave the room while you feed.

What will happen during the session?

A newborn session at Redpath Studios is a very calm and often relaxing experience. The photographer will take their time in getting the perfect photos of your baby. Much of the time will be spent with the photographer posing the baby and moving them into the perfect position. Don’t be afraid to let the photographer handle the baby as we are very experienced and safety is always the first priority. Most newborn shoots involve a naked baby and the use of props and blankets. The studio will be very warm with several heaters running, this is vital for a happy baby especially when we strip them down. With such a warm room you may find it very sweaty for both parents and photographer and I actually always say that if we are not sweating it is not hot enough for the baby.

With naked baby shots at some point during the session the baby will pee and poop on something. Do not worry it all cleans up and everything is washable. Nappy’s are ugly things and a bit of mess is worth it for the perfect shot.

Babies may cry. If a baby is crying, needs changing or wants a feed then that is absolutely fine. Don’t be afraid to feed the baby up and get them nice and full as this can really help send the baby off to sleep. For Breast fed babies once they are full it is often worth letting the photographer handle them as even a full baby may react to the smell of mums milk.

During the shoot the photographer will take a variety of poses and use a selection of sets and props. If you have anything you would like to include in the images please let us know and we would be happy to do so.

Can parents and older siblings also be in the photos?

Everyone is more than welcome to be in a selection of shots and we tend to do a mixture of just baby and groups if desired. Please bare in mind that with a long newborn session brothers and sisters can get very bored so it may be a good idea to have someone along who can take them away for a while during the solo shots. This means we can maintain a calm environment and keep the little one relaxed at all times.

The key to a great newborn session is planning, patients and trust in your photographer. Redpath Studios have many years experience in Newborn photography and everything we do is tried and tested. As parents ourselves we truly understand the importance of these early days and capturing this time with an Redpath Studios Newborn session is a great way to remember this period.

If you are expecting a baby soon why not contact Redpath Studios now on 01494 549944 and we will be more than happy to book you in.

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Bump photographer bucks It's really lovely to share the forthcoming birth with your partner. If your around 8 month's pregnant, its around the best time to make an appointment. Also if you want to involve your partner and child it can make a lovely memory and something beautiful to look back on in years to come.

Thanks Amy and Tony for letting us use your shots, I photographed Lexi when she was a wee thing and its lovely to see the family expand! Send my love to Lizzi, it's always such great fun photographing your family.

All the best,


Bump Photographer BucksBump Photographer Bucks Bump photographer bucksBump photographer bucks Bump photographer bucksBump photographer bucks Bump Photographer BucksBump Photographer Bucks

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Newborn Photography Bucks - Treasured Baby Photos It's always lovely to see that look of love with parents and their new child. This is one of my favourite newborn shoots i have done for a while. Lovely parents and a lovely baby. Thanks for letting us share your beautiful pictures.

Newborn Photographer BucksNewborn Photographer Bucks Newborn Photographer BucksNewborn Photographer Bucks Newborn Photographer BucksNewborn Photographer Bucks Newborn Photographer BucksNewborn Photographer Bucks   Newborn Photographer BucksNewborn Photographer Bucks   Newborn Photographer BucksNewborn Photographer Bucks Newborn Photographer BucksNewborn Photographer Bucks

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Fancy something different? This a new born shot with a difference.This was shot for real !!
Little Esmme was only 13 days old and normally due to the British weather and temperature this shot we would not attempt. Thank you Martina (mum) for coming up with idea and allowing us to run with with it. Also a big thank you, to dad, Ben, for holding the defuser and keeping the sun off baby.A really great session guys.
Still looking for a family who has some old vintage cinema seats and wants a shot at sunset in a field.

Have you got any ideas that could make a great photo shoot, if so get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Newborn Photography BuckinghamshireNewborn Photography BuckinghamshireNewborn Photography Buckinghamshire

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New Born & Baby Photographer in Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire We have recently invested a considerable amount of time and money creating a top class newborn service for our customers. We've been on courses by the top newborn photographers in the world and these were the results of some recent test shoots with the new props we have purchased. We'd like to thank all the mums that helped us out. More details to follow on our website.

'Hi Andrew, I would just like to say thank you very much for doing a shoot with my baby Lillie yesterday. Both you and your colleague were very welcoming and friendly, making me an Lillie feel very at ease as first time customers. I am really looking forward to viewing the pictures and hoping we can return in the near future with her sister for a sibling shoot. Thank you again.' - Felicity.

Appreciate your kind words Felicity.



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Last Chance For Bluebells This weekend is the last chance to get photographed in the woods next to our studio at Chenies manor on the Herts and Bucks border, between Chorleywood and Little Chalfont

We have extended the Special Bluebell offer a shoot and a 10x8 for only £35 till 12noon Friday and have 3 slots still available for Saturday (May 10th)

Its a really a lovely experience and its a shame to miss out if its something your wanting to do.

Just contact using the contact form

or ring 01494 549944 .

Outside business hours you may prefer to TEXT bluebell to 07958 791344

Check out our facebook page for recent pictures

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Picture shortlisted for baby book. Baby Photography Bucks This picture has been shortlisted for the Graphis Studio Baby Album which highlights the best baby photography from the top studios in the UK. Great honor! However it's not so hard when you've got such a fantastic baby.

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5 Top Tips that will produce fantastic pictures of your baby. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. Although I’ve been photographing babies for many years it never ceases to amaze me how much they alter in their first year. From a tiny dependent new born to an inquisitive toddler, the changes in the first year are truly incredible! As a parent I am sure you will want to capture and record all those wonderful developments.

Twenty years ago I was a struggling, penniless photographer living in London. My lucky break came when I was asked to photograph an exclusive nursery in Chelsea. The parents of the children must have been somewhat bemused when I turned up to deliver the pictures on a knackered old Chopper bike. However they loved the pictures and many of them remain loyal clients to this day.

The point of this story is to illustrate that it is possible to produce great results on a shoe string, and today I am going to share with you my five top tips that will ensure you always produce great pictures.

1. Lighting

The most important ingredient to producing a wonderful picture is lighting. The best light source is the sun…natural light. Look at any painting of Rembrandt to see a master of lighting at work!

However to prevent your subject squinting and to be sure the skin doesn’t burn out, i.e. go white, the sunlight needs to be filtered…it’s not just for the aesthetic value that photographers always photograph a wedding couple in the doorway of the church. The soft light always produces great results!

Remember the light source needs to be behind you, with your baby facing it, and ensure the person keeping your baby safe doesn’t block the light source and cast a shadow on your subject.

The best light source in your home is obviously from the window. If your baby is tiny place her on a surface near to the window. A bean bag is ideal for protecting and supporting her, and can be covered with a sheepskin or textured material.

You must have the window to your back, or at 45°, depending on how large it is you need to be between ½ and 1 ½ metres from your baby. However play around with the distance.

Patio doors are ideal, and if you have wood or textured floor tiles, place the beanbag on the floor for an interesting backdrop. You made need to open the door and position yourself outside.


2. Position

Always position yourself with the light source behind you. Don’t stand above your baby and shoot down, but lie on the floor at the same level, between ½ and 1 ½ metres away.

Avoid using the zoom on max, just to get closer. If you have a macro facility on your camera, use it to do detail shots of hands and feet.

If the picture is over exposed (too light) your baby is too near to the window. If it is under exposed (too dark) your baby is too far away from your light source.

Patio doors are ideal and if you have wood or textured floor tiles, place the beanbag on the floor for an interesting backdrop. You made need to open the doors and position yourself outside, and ensure the area in the shot is clutter free! You don’t want a lamp coming out of the top of your baby’s head!


3. Practice, Practice, Practice

The key to producing great results is to practice. Use a toy rather than your baby to test that the exposure and your position are correct before starting to shoot.

Once you baby is in place your window of opportunity is very limited so don’t waste precious time on getting the basics right.


4. Avoid Flash Light

Don’t use flash on your compact, phone or SLR. Flash that is inbuilt in a camera produces very flat and washed out pictures. It’s not for nothing that professional photographers invest large sums of money in buying off camera flashlights.


5. Engage with your child

Obvious of course, but you do need to ensure that it’s only the person taking the pictures that calls to your child. If two people are trying to make her smile your baby won’t know where to look!

My preference is that eyes look straight in to camera on the majority of shots

After many years of photographing small people duck noises do the trick for getting that all important similes…trust me it works!



Those penniless days in London are now behind me. It is 14 years now since I opened Redpath Studios in our fantastic converted outbuilding in the grounds of beautiful Chenies Manor between Little Chalfont and Chorleywood.

 I photograph hundreds of babies and families every year in our modern studio, and on locations around the farm. Woods, blue bells, barns and wood sheds for example.

If you can’t get that all important picture of your loved ones, I am more than happy to shoot them for you! With a camera!

The picture on the baby girl was taken in the door way of my studio and I was positioned outside in our car park. Using the techniques described.

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Spring is on it's way! At last weather seems to be improving and we are starting to use our fantastic outdoor location. We often combine studio and outdoor within a shoot. We are one of the few studios which can offer this. We are presently taking bookings up until april/may for bluebells, please book well in advance.

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Beginner’s guide to understanding ‘The Exposure Triangle’ Modern digital cameras are incredibly sophisticated, and they make it incredibly easy to take photos that look good.

But if you want to start taking great photos, you’ll need to learn how shoot manually. And that means learning more about the mechanics of the camera and learning about how to get the exposure just right – without any ‘auto-shoot’ help!

So let’s take a look at the three elements of ‘The Exposure Triangle’, and find out how each one affects your photographs.


So the aperture sets the diameter of the lens opening. It allows you to control the amount of light which comes through the lens and reaches the sensor.

The smaller the aperture opening, the more focused the light will be. And this will give the photo you take a greater depth of field (meaning that most of the image will be rendered in sharp focus).

On the other hand, if the aperture is larger, then the light will be less focussed, and you’ll have less depth of field (i.e. only close objects will be in focus).


In traditional film photography, ISO related to how sensitive a film was to light. This sensitivity was measured in numbers; the lower the number, the lower the sensitivity - and a low sensitivity produced photographs with a finer grain.

In digital photography it’s a little bit different because there aren’t any films involved. The ISO now refers to the sensitivity of the ‘image sensor’, but the results are still the same: low light sensitivity still gives a finer grain.

So, generally speaking, if you’re shooting in bright light conditions you’ll need a low ISO. If it’s dark, then you’ll need to use a higher ISO.

Shutter speed

The shutter of your camera controls the amount of light that’s allowed to pass through the aperture.

If the shutter speed is fast, it’ll allow you to capture motion in your photographs much more sharply. But if the speed is slower, moving objects in the photo will be blurred in the direction of the motion.


A slow shutter speed is a great photographic technique for communicating a sense of motion, whereas a fast speed will allow you to ‘freeze action’ and reduce blur.

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Tips to help you take beautiful baby pictures As you might gather, one of my many passions is taking baby pictures and I have snapped a number of really cute chappies (and chappettes!) over the years. So I wanted to share some tips with you to make it easier if you decide to take a few pictures of your baby at home, become a happy snapper by reading this blog.

  • Work out happy time: Once you get to know your baby’s routine a little better you’ll notice times of the day when they seem happier than others. Obviously nothing ruins a perfectly good picture more than a baby who suddenly starts screaming so pick the times of the day when they are normally at their happiest and you’ve got more of a chance of nailing the perfect shot.
  • Keep your camera handy: It’s not a bad idea to keep your camera’s battery charged and ready to go, in fact, you might want to leave a few cameras in different locations around the house. You never know when the perfect photo opportunity will appear so be prepared and you can capture your little one when they produce their sweetest smile.
  • Get the angle right: Part of the problem of photographing babies (or should that be one of the many problems?) is finding the perfect angle. This is especially true when you are snapping newborns. All you see is a bright red face staring out of a crib. Try to get down to their level though, you could place baby on a changing mat on the floor and lie next to them when you take a picture. Or get somebody to cuddle baby and you can get up close with the angle and take pictures from a variety of positions.
  • Take regular pictures: The more pictures you take the better they become and you can document your baby’s growth using photos taken on a regular basis. Babies change so much in the first few weeks after they are born so it’s worth taking as many pictures as you can and there’s bound to be a few ‘money shots’ amongst them.
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Smash the cake! Occasionally on birthdays we offer a special smash the cake shoot, to some of our regular customers. This series of photos were great fun to create! Hope you enjoy.


]]> (Redpath Studios Photography Ltd) Baby Bucks Family Herts Photographer birthday cake photographer smash the Sat, 07 Dec 2013 14:59:05 GMT